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Montaione's Nightlife? ... let's talk about it!

Hi Guys, 

Today I'm going to write about Nightlife! Nightlife in Montaione..nightlife in the middle of the Tuscan countryside. Well, before You think I'm crazy , let me explain to You that of course Montaione is not Manhattan! Accommodations are like Borgo La Casaccia; this mean apartments; so 70% of clients in the town are families, and after 22h00 , kids ask to sleep (luckly).  So usually the nightlife is a coffee or an ice cream after dinner..


There are two places in Montaione where You can easily spend the night , drinking , listening good music and have fun

Lo Strettoio Pub (2 Km far from Borgo La Casaccia)
Via Chiarenti 8

It's inside the historical center, (next to the restaurant "Osteria del Pesce Rosso") and it's "the old heart" of Montaione's nightlife. Is there since 20 years and it's an Irish Pub, really well done.
You will enter in a narrow passage (that is the meaning of words : lo strettoio) and after few stairs You will be in the pub, that is big.  Good choice of beers, Cocktails, snacks and so on.

Casablanca Garden Bar (5 km far from Borgo La Casaccia)
Via delle Colline 3

This place (born in 2015) is a  discoteque, a restaurant,a place for listening live music,  Dj's set , apertif. it's famous in the area, people came from Florence to spend the night there, so You can imagine what it mean. Location is panoramic and  there's a parking, but not so big, so You maybe need to park the car along the street.

Then, of course, in Florence you have millions of possibilities , and You will find in internet a lot of informations about Florentine's nightlife .. but remember, Montaione is much more than what You expected!

Francesco Pellegrini
Owner of Borgo La Casaccia

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