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Supermarkets in Montaione

Hi Guys,

One question that You may have in Tuscany’s Countryside is:

How far are we from any kind of services?

In effect , the risk could be that  You sleep in a beautiful place (for example a beautiful villa) but  “in the middle of nothing”. And You have to drive at least 15 minutes for an ice cream or a coffee.
This could be a part of the holiday, when some people prefer to stay in an accommodation far from everything or everyone, but very often this isolation could be a problem.

Here at Borgo La Casaccia we have apartments. And apartments mean a self -catering solution. Moreover, at 90%, apartments mean families, and families mean kids.
In few words:  You absolutely need services: Supermarkets, Shops, Cafè , Restaurants, banks, pharmacy and so on

Well I’m happy to inform You that we are 800 meters /  1 Km far from Supermarkets, cafès, restaurants, historical center etc… This is one of the most important “point of strenght” of Borgo La Casaccia:  The proximity to services.

Now, Let’s talk about Supermakets:  It seems strange to say it , but in a small town like Montaione we have two supermarkets.
This happens because the town is  very famous from the touristic point of view, and from May to September we have an huge number of visitors.

Supermarket nr. 1
Via Comiti 12
It’s inside a small commercial center called “I Cipressi”

It’s the biggest Supermaket in Montaione and  You can reach it from Borgo La Casaccia in about 20 seconds… The parking is big and Just in front of the Supermarket.  You find a good bakery and meat angle, while there is not the fish-area .
This Supermarket has a nice history:  Two years ago the  situation of this Supermarket was difficult and the employees risked to be fired. So they decided to buy the activity by themselves and now they rule the Supermarket. The case has been showed  in national TV too.
In the commercial center “ I Cipressi”  You find: A Cafè (ok also for brunches at lunchtime), a Clothes Shop, a Coffee-machine Shop and a small inflatable game.
Opening Time:
Monday - Saturday : 09h00 - 20h30
Sunday: 09h00 - 13h00 / 16h00 - 20h30 

Supermarket nr. 2
Via Aldo Moro 4
It’s a little bit smaller than Pam, but prices , generally speaking, could be a little bit lower. They have a good bakery and Meat angle, but they don’t have the fresh Fish angle. The parking is enormous and in front of the Supermarket.
Coop in Tuscany is an institution , it’s probably the most powerful Supermarket chain in Italy.
The Supermarket is located just outside the historical center. So the parking could be a nice solution if You want to visit the historical center of Montaione
Opening Time:
Monday - Saturday: 08h00 - 13h00 / 15h00 - 20h00 
Sunday: 08h30 - 13h00 

Outside Montaione there are other solutions:

Just 12 Kms far from Montaione You find the town of Castelfiorentino and You find: 

Via Leonardo da Vinci 36 

The Supermarket is very big and You can find  almost everything. Honestly You don't really need this Supermarket during a 7-nights holiday in Montaione, but for a more complete shopping experience is nice. For example I go there when I want to eat some particular thing like Swordfish tartare or particular brands (for example some particular toothpaste..ehm ..) 

Finally, the definitive shopping experience is in the town of Empoli (40 minutes far by car) 
Via raffaello Sanzio 199 

This is a big commercial center: there You find: Shops, cafès, restaurants, Supermarkets, pharmacy and so on. In effect it's not "typical" or "local" but it's a good way to spent half a day and buy something, for example during a boring , rainy day. Empoli Itself is nothing special. A modern and commercial city. There are some nice clubs for a drink at night but , during a short holiday, I can't reccomend the visit of this town 

So, this is an overview about the supermarkets in the area, and now You know  You are not alone!  Next posts will talk about other kind of shopping (because it's nice to buy vegetables at Supermarket but probably it's much more nicer to look for a bottle of wine in between wineyards..) 

Francesco Pellegrini 
Owner of Borgo La Casaccia

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