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The Coffee-Bar: The Must of the Italian Lifestyle .. and the ice cream too

Hi Guys ,

in this post I'm going to talk about the "heart" of Italian Life-style.  A place  that YOU MUST visit at least once , if You want to experience the Italian way of life:


It's more than a place where to drink a coffee. It's the place where people meet together to speak about (in this order) : - Sport (90% football) - Politics  (90% against the government doesn't matter what part it is) -Personal facts of other people in the town - General Gossip.
Of course it's a meeting place for friends , but it's also the place where You can meet new people , new friends, build new relationship and maybe You can find the love of your life (very rare ..)
So, the bar it's part of the culture of Italian people, Bars are crowded in the morning for breakfast ("un pezzo dolce e un cappuccino" is the standard ordination; it means: a cappuccino and a small pie) for lunch (You can't really finish a lunch without an Espresso) and at aperitif time (there's a great choice of aperitif , my best choice is "Negroni" or a glass of red wine)

But , the ordination, in an italian coffee bar is not so simple, what it means "a coffee"? Well we have:

- Espresso: it is my favorite. It's strong, served in a tiny cup. Usually I drink 3/4 espresso coffee per day. I LOVE it

- Caffè Macchiato. It's an espresso with a little bit of milk. Of course the flavour is sweeter and not so strong. Pay attention: it could be "caffè macchinato caldo (warm)" or "caffè macchiato freddo (cold)"; it depends from the temperature of the milk.

- Caffè Corretto: it's an espresso with an alcoholic beverage. Usually Sambuca or Grappa, but You can ask, it depends from your taste (if You ask Caffè Corretto with wine probably You will receive looks that kill)

- Caffè Latte : Hot milk and coffee. A perfect Breakfast beverage.  "Latte e Biscotti" (Milk and Biscuits) is the must

- Cappuccino: You know. Espresso with milk foam , served in a large cup. It is the king of Breakfast

The "social role" of the Bar exist in every part of Italy: From North to South, from Milan to Naples. But , You can imagine, in small towns like Montaione this role is much more strong.
Really ALL the town meet itself inside bar: Young and old.

and of course, There are several bars in Montaione.  Distance from Borgo La Casaccia (1-2 Km)

Bar I divino

Piazza Cavour nr 22
It's the easiest to reach, and the one You can't miss. With Your car You will pass in front of it many times, because it's in the main square, from where starts all directions.
It's small , with a gazebo outside where You can sit. The heart of the town, ruled by young local girls.

Bar Tuba

via Ammirato nr 38
Inside the historical center, so You have to park your car (for example in Via Vincenzo da Filicaia, in Piazza Antonio Gramsci or in Via Aldo Moro (Coop parking) ) and reach the bar by foot. Only 5 minutes , and it's a nice walk in the historical center

So, You have a choice , I can't tell You which Coffee Bar is the best, because it's really a personal taste, the quality is medium-high everywhere.
I still rememeber that some years ago,  an American client spoke to me at the end of the day :"Francesco, we had such an amazing time! Walking in the narrow streets , seating in the square and take a coffee under the sun, it was amazing" . At that moment I understood the meaning of working in tourism: What is standard for me, it's an experience for another and viceversa. So , the password is: Experience. Try it, take an italian coffee, and then we will talk about it

Very often, in a coffee bar You can ask the ice cream.  The ice cream is another italian must and You can find it, as we said, in coffee Bar or inside the "gelateria" that is the place where You can buy only ice cream or similars (cakes or Yoghurt with Nutella...yummy....)
In Montaione I loved the ice cream from "I Divino" bar , or, if You want to drive a little bit more, I suggest You to visit San Gimignano and there You find:

"Gelateria Dondoli"

Piazza della Cisterna 4
San Gimignano
is inside the historical center and it's the ice cream world champion for years 2006/2007 and 2008/2009.
Try's amazing , but be prepared to wait a little bit in line; San Gimignano is crowded, and the gelateria too.

My personal taste? Stracciatella  (milk cream with small chocolate pieces), Hazelnut and dark chocolate....what else?

Francesco Pellegrini
Owner of Borgo La Casaccia

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