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The bakery and the bread

Hi Guys,

at the age of 36 , Here's my first blog of my life and I hope that it will be useful and "understandable" in my bad english (in the end, don't forget that I'm italian..).

So,  Why You Should read another blog, even written by someone that is not use to do it?
Well, as owner of a Touristic accommodation, I tried to imagine a "standard week" of an Hypothetical Client, (maybe You)  and the questions that he will might ask at reception.

So, the aim of these few lines is to show to my  clients , where can they go, Where they can buy some things, in few words, what is possible to do during an holiday at  Borgo La Casaccia .. let's start...

DAY 1 

You  wake up in Your bed  (ehi yes, for this week the place is yours) and soon You have to arrange the first meal of the day, the Breakfast!

A very common question from my clients is

"Where Can I buy bread?"

The easiest solutions are:

"La Bottega del Fornaio
23/A Via da Filicaia".
From Borgo La Casaccia the distance is .... 30 seconds by car; From the parking,  drive the dirt road, enter in the main road with asphalt. Turn right and follow the road. You will find a stop signal, let's go ahead again and follow the road; There is a panoramic terrace with a monument, then a Cafè called " I Divino", go ahead again and , on the left, You will find the bakery "La Bottega del Fornaio". In front of the bakery there's a bank office.... You never know...

The other solution is:
"L'Arte del Pane
10 Via Garibaldi", inside the historical center of the town. If You like to walk a little bit (3 minutes) You can park the car next to the cafè "I Divino" and walk in the street that You find in front of the cafè. After 50 meters there is the main square of the town (with the Church of San Regolo, not so special, but nice to see if open) , and then there is the Bakery.

Moreover, in both Supermarkets of Montaione (I'll talk about them in another post) You find the "bakery angle"

Bakery in italian is  PANETTERIA , in case You need to ask someone; Montaione's inhabitants are able to speak english or German or French, but this happens in shops, restaurants and so on... along the streets You could have some interesting conversation...

But I can tell You that the tuscan bread is made without salt. Unique in Italy. This because of the salt blockade enforced by Pisa during the numerous wars between the medieval city-states in the 1.100. So people simply stopped to add salt in the bread. You can think that, in next 1000 years Tuscans would have the feeling to put salt back again into the bread. No! Tradition is tradition , and this explain to You a lot of things about Italian people ;)

Francesco Pellegrini
Owner of Borgo La Casaccia

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